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Cursor Pro – Custom Cursor Pack (animated)



Cursor Pro – Custom Cursor Pack (animated)


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Cursor Pro is a premium animated cursor pack that offers precision and style. Elevate your desktop experience with a fresh take on cursor design.

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⚡️ Are you tired of the same old boring cursor on your computer screen? So are we, that’s why we set out to create the best cursor the world has ever seen!

Offering a fresh and exciting take on cursor design that’s inspired by professional gamers. Introducing Cursor Pro – designed to provide precision, personality, and style. And best of all, it features a 100% centered hotspot and a completely round design that emulates the feel of a human finger touch.

Plus, it’s completely animated and comes in light and dark versions with super high DPI, so it looks beautiful and sharp on high-resolution monitors. The design features transparency that blends perfectly with the UI while still being easy to see on light and dark backgrounds.

💡 How it started: ‘Even though the world’s best operating systems have been updated with amazing design and animations, the cursor design has been neglected for years.’

Lifetime deal: Free future updates. One-time payment.

🎁 Bonus: limited-time coupon codes: 50% to upgrade and 20% for any other product in the store.

🚀 With this cursor pack, you can:

  • Increase your accuracy for gaming and work tasks
  • Elevate your desktop design with custom, handcrafted designs
  • Use it with any resolution monitor, looks incredible on high-resolution e.g. ‘4K’
  • Enjoy smooth animations that transition from one state to another*

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — “Sleek & Refined: This cursor pack is a breath of fresh air. I now enjoy super high cursor accuracy even on my high-resolution displays. The cool animations are awesome and really make this pack pop.” -Xander

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — The cleanest cursor pack I’ve ever seen: I’ve always known about custom cursor packs, but I’ve always shied away from them since they weren’t what was exactly in my head- Something clean, modern and consistent with the rest of the UI. That was until I found out about this pack. Not only do the cursors look amazing, it goes a step further with the seamless transitions between each of the states. This blew my expectations.” -Hanin

📦 What’s included in the package:

  • 32 animated cursors*: a unique design for any cursor state
  • 30 static cursors: an alternative static cursor for all states
  • Light & Dark version: to fit your aesthetic
  • Simple ‘one-click’ installation: get started within seconds

🔎 Digital Specifications:

  • Total Size: 75MB*
  • Total Cursors: 32
  • High-DPI: 128 x 128 pixel
  • Color Depth: 32-bits
  • Only for the animated version

For any pre-sale questions or support, contact us at Order your custom cursor pack today and I promise you will never return to the old design!